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Residence on the Rocks Seychelles - Testimonials

It has a very simple name – the Residence on the Rocks. And it is simply the best holiday destination our family has ever found.

It is tempting to wax lyrical about exotic vacation venues and, in our experience they rarely live up to website promises.

The Residence is an exception in every way. The Seychelles is surely one of the most inviting sets of islands in the world in terms of stunning beaches, striking marine life and lush tropical vegetation.

Now add a drive through primary forest to arrive at your exclusive hilltop residence where the only views across the massive rim flow pool are of luxuriant greenery and blue ocean flowing onto Anse Intendance Beach.

The magnificent Creole style accommodation boasts the main house with two fabulous en suite bedrooms on the top floor, a lounge and dining room which reflect the splendor of a bygone era and a charming fully fitted kitchen. And don't forget the extended patio overlooking the pool where you will be enjoying cocktails while watching the most sensational sunsets of your life.

Two exceptional lodges nestle by the pool giving everybody the privacy they deserve.

The Residence has not been "decorated". Every piece of furniture, every block of flooring, every ethnic work of art has been collected by the owner – world renowned photographer and environmentalist Karl Ammann – from his extensive travels through central Africa and South East Asia.

Can it get any better? Well…yes. There aren't any menus. There are no restaurant opening times. The remarkable duo of Lalith and Chandrika will prepare what you want, when you want it.

From scrumptious breakfasts to mouth watering (not eye watering) curries – Lalith will stylishly serve the very best fare on the patio or in the dining room.

And the choice is yours of finding the best ingredients at the delightful local shops and markets yourself or giving Lalith a shopping list.

You will be living like a King. After all the Residence on the Rocks has hosted some of the most famous leaders in the world and its history goes back to famous movie stars and legendary rock bands.

But it is totally discreet. And that is the final word on this secluded gem of the Indian Ocean.

Derek Watts

TV Presenter Jan. 2017