Aerial photograph of Residence Intendance Beach in the front and Taka Maka Beach in the back.
Access footpath to main entrance.
Frontal view of the Residence.
Pool Deck.
Large overflow pool.
View over pool deck from the outside dining area.
Gazebo overlooking Intendance Bay (ideal for wedding).
Gazebo with Pool.
Master bedroom with spiral staircase leading up to a private office.
View from Masterbedroom verandah over pool and down to guest cottage.
Main lounge.
Interior of one guest cottage.
Looking from upper verandah on the footpath leading to the entrance.
Guest cottage interior.
Guest cottage bathroom.
Upstairs Guest bedroom.
Second Guest Cottage overlooking Intendance.
Dining Room.
Upstairs Veranda.
Looking over ground level verandah.
Pool level Verandah outside main lounge.
Outside dining area on verandah overlooking pool and Indian Ocean.
Intendance Beach 5 min walk/drive from the Residence.
Residence on the very top of the ridge looking down onto the Banyan Tree Resort.
A view of the Residence at night.

Posted on: Sunday October 16, 2016

Modified on: Monday October 24, 2016.

Residence on the Rocks.

Enjoy the scenic view of the Indian Ocean in a exquisite Creole-style pool at our luxury villa in Seychelles with 4 Bedrooms, 2 cottages, a private pool, a gazebo and a jacuzzi from 2000 to 4000 Euros per night.

Welcome to the villa.

Located in Mahe, Residence on the rocks (Residence) is a luxury villa offering prime holiday destination for worldwide visitors seaking for villa holidays in Africa and to a large extent also offering Villa holidays in Africa for world wide travellers. This Villa is specially designed to meet the prime luxury accomodation standards for holiday makers and is an ideal accommodation residence in Seychelles.

Travellers here will find the ultimate choice of accomodation villa that is unmatched in terms of design, luxury, hospitality, sarrounding environment and a few minutes walk to the beach.

The Residence villa is a prime holiday destination in Africa offering 2 cottages equipped with a private pool, a Jaccuzi and a gazebo. It is a secure property and forms part of the Banyan Tree international resorts Read more about Residence on the Rocks here

Welcome to Mahe Island.

Seychelles is a country made up of numerous magnificent islands sarrounded by white sand beaches and offer one of the worlds most beautiful, clean and warm white sand beaches.

It is a former colony of French and Britain during different regimes is made up of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. It is a predominantly English and French speaking

Mahe (Mahé), is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Western Indian Ocean off East Africa. Its terrain is predominantly white sand beaches such as the popular Banyan tree resorts. Peaks are predominantly granite with a rainforest of Morne Seychellois. The famous Taka Maka Bay and Anse Intendance beach is found here and is the home to Residence on the Rocks

Banyan Tree international Resorts (estate) Development

The Residence on the rocks is part of the Banyan Tree Resort Development and some of the services, including room service, security and laundry are provided by the resort. Read More about Residence on the Rocks services here.

Residence Seychelles villa accomodation

Factors affecting Villa rates when making a booking

Residence accomodation rates changes from time to time of the year and are based on

1. Seychelles Seasonal demand

They can be defined either as peak seasons and off peak seasons. This country is a hospitable location for travel and holiday accomodation through out the year. Peak and off peak seasons may be defined by activities and weather partens of the country where visitors come from. During winters in December holidays, many travellers move to Seychelles from Europe and the Northern hemisphere. Book a holiday accommodation place when travelling to Africa in our luxury villa in Seychelles.

2. Owners visiting pattern.

3. The number of guests staying and occupying the Residence.

4. Weather partens.

North West trade winds blow from October to March where wind speeds become slower

South East trade winds blow from May to September with relatively stronger winds bringing cooler weather and stronger winds ideal for sailing and ocean activities.

Residence Booking rates guide

As a ball park figure the rates for the exclusive use of the Residence vary from Euro 2000 to Euro 4000 per night . This includes the government tax and the Service Charge due to the Banyan Tree resort.

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